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For many players who live in the United States, playing poker online can not only be difficult but in some cases it’s a little confusing as to whether its legal or not. The passing of the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) forced many poker sites and payment processors from being able to remain in the US market. US players can legally play poker online, the law as of right now only effects the payment companies. This site is focused on providing you with current information on which US poker sites accept players and the payment options available to you. Each poker room listed on our site is followed up with a detailed review, as is the payments section. Each page lists information on security, promotions and bonuses which gives you a clear cut reason as to why these sites are ranked as the best us poker site. Casino players will find an in-depth guide to play online casino games from the US.


Bet Online Poker - Receive a 25% Instant Poker Bonus on All Deposits

Bet Online Poker
Bet Online Poker

Bet Online has opened a brand new poker room for USA players and has no problems with processing deposits or withdrawals. The poker room is offering a unique proprietary software, which is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Players can choose between Hold'em and Omaha with stakes ranging from micro limits to mid high stakes. The biggest promotion currently available at Bet Online is their 25% instant bonus, which all new players will be grandfathered into. This means that your first and all subsequent deposits will earn you a 25% instant bonus for life, on top of any other promotional offers on the table.

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If you’ve already been playing Texas Holdem online then you’ve probably seen some players who bet the flop and then check the turn. Now there are two types of players who generally use this type of play and both are fairly easy to beat. The first type of player who bets the flop and then checks the turn is someone who was just looking to steal the pot. For instance players will bet the flop in early position almost no matter what cards they have, just to see if they can steal the pot. Then if they have a caller or two they will generally slow down and check the turn. The second type of player who does this is someone who is a weak-tight player and is scared of playing big pots. A lot of people don’t like being involved with big pots unless they have the nuts. So if they hit an ace on the flop they may bet the flop, but if someone calls them then they might check and call. It’s important that you can beat both of these styles though because you can pick up a lot of chips by catching these types of players.

A weak-tight player will typically be more difficult to get off their hand then the player trying to steal pots, but you'll still have a high percent with winning these pots. Basically a weak-tight player doesn’t like being involved in hands unless they have the nuts, so it’s generally easy to scare them off their hands. When they bet the flop you should either raise right now or wait until the turn and just call. If you just call then the player might make a small bet, but typically they will just check. This is when you want to decide what’s a big enough bet to win this pot, and once you have decided upon that number you should make the bet. I would say about seven out of ten times the weak-tight poker player will fold their hand. If they do call you then you know they have something pretty decent and should get out of the hand unless you have close to the nuts.

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